Monday, March 31, 2008

Hey Risa

I had a deja vu while browsing the first three paragraphs of articles. I just wish I had written this right when it happened.

I was drinking tea, I was not doing work, I read this article, I thought about Africa, a client walked about behind me, I suppressed anxiety about the democratic fantasy to do the job, and after my meeting all that was left was a lingering recognition of a repeated experience.

But look, China!:

Yeah, you don't need to worry about this blog being boring. But I'm not as interested in confusing hyperlinks as you.


richard.fredric said...

Did I mess up already? I think at one point deja vu was one of the things I stopped believing...

Risa said...

well dear one, you always drink tea and don't do work - so i think deja vu is only natural.

and i always make sarcastic comments like i don't believe in africa.

as they say in kicking in screaming, i'm nostalgic for conversations i had yesterday.