Sunday, June 29, 2008

some thoughts on pride.

oh those fuckers.
i'm chilling out and watching Ghostbusters, and they cut the spin. bill murray just spins out of the shot and then they cut to the office.

ahem, pride.

well, i'm very proud.

i sometimes wonder what my gayness would be like if i'd thrown myself The Community upon my coming out instead of whatever it is i did instead. but i really have no idea. and obviously i did what i did and i probably wouldn't change it if i could.

but walking home from the Gansevoort today, crossing through the early hours of the parade, i did feel solidarity, comfort, pride, joy, pleasure, and calm. i like that it happens. i like that i don't have to march in it. it's enough.


the spin (it's at the end, trust me, best i could find) and other good stuff:

creation nation:

Saturday, June 21, 2008

rich, about TV -

i think that the resurgence in the popularity and quality of television has a lot to do with our generation's obsession with childhood.
this obsession is fueled by marketing, but probably created by a combination of 70's/80's wealth and selfishness as well as the realization that we will prolly not be richer (or even healthier) than our parents as well as a lot of other things.
this isn't a new though, but we haven't blogged about it, and i'm tired of the Tim Russert post being the first one i see.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Tim Russert and me.

I don't know Tim Russert.
I don't feel like he's part of my family.
I don't feel like we're friends.

He was an anchor, a pundit, who was present in my life because I like how he deals with politics and current events. I found Meet the Press immensely satisfying. I trusted Tim Russert. I loved listening to him and watching him on television. And I will miss that experience immensely.

In an age of so much much bias and really boils down to who you trust. I trusted Tim Russert. I just did.

I don't think this is the end of an era.
But it's sad. I'm sad.
And I wonder...what happens now?

Thursday, June 12, 2008

dick and jane go to war.

read this

john mccain's daughter has written an illustrated picture book about her father's life. um, hey john-boy, i don't think that's quite how obama rallied the 18-24 bracket, but good luck and godspeed.

this is my FAVORITE part of the book:
“He didn’t get the right kind of medical care for his broken bones, and the food was really bad,” she writes, accompanied by a somber drawing of Mr. McCain, looking apprehensive if not scared, sitting on the floor in a bare corner.

oh yes, we'll certainly raise our obese children to have a healthy and realistic view of war if we stress to them that being a POW means eating airplane food.

Friday, June 6, 2008


we hate them.

i want to make amputee ribbons that have no tails.

i want to make a crane victims ribbon that isn't a ribbon at all, but rather, a big decal made to look like a hole in your car.

i'm grateful for this.

i've been thinking about this joke for a while.

Sacha's mum (that's what they have in the jolly old), one Maureen Haworth, sent her this article, which made its way to me via the emails (does anyone else long for the day of pneumatics?).

To be clear, I'm not opposed to trading your pollution credits (it seems like a natural extension of the market...highly inevitable...and vital if the whole thing is to work...but that's a whole other story). What I'm opposed to that this article pokes fun at so well is (a) the self-aggrandizing nature of this, and the marketing initiatives that are sure to follow, that only feed into our culture of selfishness and (b) trading pollution credits while you zip around in your Hummer (the last line of the article sums it up nicely).

Anyway, thanks Mrs. Haworth, wherever you are.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Risa: i'll set up the time capsule and figure out clickclack
Sent at 10:37 AM on Thursday
me: Risa, can you not refer to it with Apple's all too euphemistic name?
can you call it the wireless harddrive please?
the thought of you working on a timecapsule is unbearable
Sent at 10:40 AM on Thursday
Risa: i put nina in it
while she's still alive
let's call it the catbox
me: done.
i mean it makes sense
cause it's a little box
but we can't call it a little box
cause you have so many boxes
but it's gotta be some kind of box
and really, if it's got that much space, you should be able to fit the cat inside the box.
so - catbox,.
can I post this to the blog?
Sent at 10:46 AM on Thursday

Risa is busy. You may be interrupting.

coffee shops.

I'm at an inspiring little coffee shop in Evanston, Pick a Cup
Literally, you order a drink for here, you pick the cup. Hilarious. And it is mish-moshed enough to remind me of the collective, 60 main

Holy crap?! the website for 60 main is all pretty! way to go npcc. And way to go being the first hit when I INTERNET SEARCH 60 main.

Did you all know that Chinese people are economically expendable? This article was a stark reminder that we do not live in China. China is not America, because China feels no compulsion to declare war on earthquakes.

Next week's poll will determine the victor in the war on earthquakes.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

My Birthday Gift to All of You

BunB's "That's Gangsta" featuring Sean Kingston

Rich, that survey, fucking awesome.

Euphemism for youTube: TV.