Thursday, May 29, 2008

Not done yet.

So Risa, I'm not done blogging. I think I was intimated by our different approaches and that turned me away...but maybe I'll be more consistent if I just stick to my intentions.

And I don't need to explain things either, right? I think I'll feel better if I can relax feeling compelled to explain details of conversations we have on the phone. As we've discussed countless times, everybody knows what everybody is saying half the time anyway, our sentences are so repetive that we may as well just thing thing thing thing thing thing.


I've been way on the excitement about the skill breakdown of empathy through motivational interviewing. I haven't felt this way since college, but for the past week eveything has been connecting on an intellectualy splendid plane.

If everybody just learns how to do this, learns how to meet people where they're at, we can create a sex-positive, drug-positive, pluralistic, empathetic world.

I wonder where Barack Obama would fall on a sexuality and gender scale? And what his rating on the purity test is?

oh man....oh man.... I would put money on the fact that he has 'experimented'.

*** I apoligize for my use of hyperbole in this post. Hyperbole is gross.***


richard.fredric said...
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richard.fredric said...

I reread my post and am offended by the emotional proximity to 7th grade.

But I'll leave it for the spirit of pushing the blog along.

Please judge harsly and comment appropriately.

Risa Shoup said...

but not everyone knows what everyone is saying. they think they do...they anticipate it...but no one really knows...language is so flawed and not at all appropriate for communicating most feelings.