Friday, May 30, 2008

The Strangerer

I saw a play that deals with this, called The Strangerer - based on the Camus book which I have not read. And the company, Theater Oobleck, is doing that smart 'paywhatyoucan' strategy. At the box office I credited Radiohead with the idea, and they made it clear that I was wrong.

Regardless, this play was FANTASTIC. The best theater I've seen in Chicago. It's I guess the subject of the book, retold through the context of the Bush/Kerry debate in Florida, moderated by Jim Lehrer. Unfortunately, my problem that I have to got to disclose is this ridiculous preference for political art. I'm a total sucker. So while I think this really was stand alone good theater, I will recluse myself from giving too much about it. Bias - it only exists when you want it to!

I'm hungry.

Have you developed a euphemism for youtube yet? We need to euphemize it. Please think of something.


Dykes on Bike-Cycles! said...

i cant believe i found this blog.

im very happy to see that lesbians bike but unfortuantly the link is not correct.

our blog address is

richard.fredric said...

Word, fixed.

czf said...

how dare you suggest that a creative group of people might have been influenced by anything but their own creativity. tisk.