Monday, October 6, 2008


So my Dad, in that slightly joking, slightly maniacal way, told me he is anxiously awaiting the moment that people start blaming the Jews for the money problems. He prefaced this with an oft-repeated "Anti-Semitism is on the Rise, you know."

I recognize of course that indeed, exurban Colorado and suburban Ohio might have a strong undercurrent of blaming the Jews, but in general I think the public has a clear grasp on who we think we should direct our anger towards - the banks that did the lending and the credit manipulating. Politicians are trying to dumb it on the other party, but I don't know if that's really sticking with either side. Speaking for myself, I see both sides playing damaging roles.

A point of interest is the bad attitudes the blame game fosters. My dad also sent me this link/article talking about the easing of credit lending at FM & FM. -- I am really bored with all the catch phrases of this time period including Fannie and Freddie, financial crisis, meltdown, and maverick --. Those two housing lenders were somewhat motivated by the ethic of housing as a right. What's going to happen to this belief if we crawl our way out of the problems? I fear the ease with which this could slide into a group blame thrust towards the poor, and validate the ideology of poverty as a necessary component of society.

Blame is the worst, and politics seems to be so satisfied by it. George W. this is not your fault. Poor people with no ability to pay your loans, it's not your fault either. Jewish homies, it's not your fault. Corporations, it pains me to say this but it's not your fault either - for plenty of reasons. A collective sense of responsibility would be so lovely. Maybe in a month or so that can start to happen. I DO honestly look at my own capacity to learn lessons from mistakes as a beacon of possibility for the same phenomenon to occur in the American culture. I do.

Aspects of the American culture created this crisis, widespread throughout every group, ideology, village, company, nonprofit, whatever. It is the same thing that affects my age groups resistance to forming community, the same thing that ferments the political culture cleavage, example, example, example, I'm done.


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