Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Bowie got out of glam rock just before it became cheesy.

Yes, this has been complained about but I'm seething right now. Consumption is the American ideology. How do we solve environmental problems? Consume appropriate things? How do we wage political battles? Consume bumper stickers, or give our money so that we can provide ourselves with more consumption opportunities.

Specifically, I'm stoked about the drive to donate to the California Prop 8 political thing:

Either one, the first thing you are instructed to do is contribute. Such an extreme amount of money has been dumped into every political thing this season that blah blah blah problems could be solved with the money, I won't waste your time with describing that. I just need to share that it is sickening.

Ok, I have nothing inteligent to complain about regarding this issue. Stop giving money to everything and invest in an efficient heating system in your house, get new windows.

Oh crap, I totally just suggested directing consumption from one direction to the next.

David Bowie can sing about this stuff real nice.

I think the worst thing is that there is no ability to check this push. Next presidential election new records will be set for how much we can contribute towards one person, because the our botched system does not have safeguards against extreme campaigning. Much like the olympics will keep on having people attempting to flip FOUR times in the air instead of three. Of course, if enough athletes die in their flipping attempts, they might have to regulate that. Similarly, if people start donating their plasma to raise money for the FIGHT against anything, the system might recognize the unsustainability.

Sustainabilty has taken precedence for the word Precedent. Remeber last year when everything was without precedent? Perhaps collectively we're recognizing that most things do actually have some kind of precedent occurance.

Stop reading this blog. Vote for supreme court justices as president. Scalia/Bader Ginsburg 08!

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