Wednesday, October 8, 2008

who knows where their tatoos are?

We really like world leaders, don't we?

Have we met any yet? If we watch Putin's Judo video, will we feel more connected to his soul (------>I'm referencing pop politics here!!<--------)?

I think if either of us were more committed internet people with less to do we could make mash-up videos of random love affairs between world leaders?

Angela Merkel and Robert Mugabe?
Hu Jin Tao and Steven Harper?
Angela Merkel and Benazir Bhutto?
Putin and Lula da Silva?
Ohhhh imagine Tony Blair and Zapatero? That'd be so cute and vanilla.
For all the straight people out there reading this: Sarah Palin and Sarah Palin?
Oooo once Tzipi Livni comes on the scene there'll be all sorts of sexual tension between her and the next US pres. Obama and Livni? McCain and Livni?

Both fit well into ultimate female Jewish fantasies.

Please, avid internet creators, make these mash-ups now.

For my next bar mitzvah I'm going to invite every world leader. There's sort of a serious point behind this post. Trivializing all the world's elected officials in the action figure sorta way does provide me some sense of agency.


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