Sunday, June 29, 2008

some thoughts on pride.

oh those fuckers.
i'm chilling out and watching Ghostbusters, and they cut the spin. bill murray just spins out of the shot and then they cut to the office.

ahem, pride.

well, i'm very proud.

i sometimes wonder what my gayness would be like if i'd thrown myself The Community upon my coming out instead of whatever it is i did instead. but i really have no idea. and obviously i did what i did and i probably wouldn't change it if i could.

but walking home from the Gansevoort today, crossing through the early hours of the parade, i did feel solidarity, comfort, pride, joy, pleasure, and calm. i like that it happens. i like that i don't have to march in it. it's enough.


the spin (it's at the end, trust me, best i could find) and other good stuff:

creation nation:

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