Thursday, June 5, 2008

coffee shops.

I'm at an inspiring little coffee shop in Evanston, Pick a Cup
Literally, you order a drink for here, you pick the cup. Hilarious. And it is mish-moshed enough to remind me of the collective, 60 main

Holy crap?! the website for 60 main is all pretty! way to go npcc. And way to go being the first hit when I INTERNET SEARCH 60 main.

Did you all know that Chinese people are economically expendable? This article was a stark reminder that we do not live in China. China is not America, because China feels no compulsion to declare war on earthquakes.

Next week's poll will determine the victor in the war on earthquakes.

1 comment:

Risa said...

here in nyc we're having a war on cranes. so actually next week i'd like to poll cranes v. earthquakes. cranes, WMD for the urban elite.