Thursday, June 5, 2008

Risa: i'll set up the time capsule and figure out clickclack
Sent at 10:37 AM on Thursday
me: Risa, can you not refer to it with Apple's all too euphemistic name?
can you call it the wireless harddrive please?
the thought of you working on a timecapsule is unbearable
Sent at 10:40 AM on Thursday
Risa: i put nina in it
while she's still alive
let's call it the catbox
me: done.
i mean it makes sense
cause it's a little box
but we can't call it a little box
cause you have so many boxes
but it's gotta be some kind of box
and really, if it's got that much space, you should be able to fit the cat inside the box.
so - catbox,.
can I post this to the blog?
Sent at 10:46 AM on Thursday

Risa is busy. You may be interrupting.

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