Friday, June 6, 2008

i've been thinking about this joke for a while.

Sacha's mum (that's what they have in the jolly old), one Maureen Haworth, sent her this article, which made its way to me via the emails (does anyone else long for the day of pneumatics?).

To be clear, I'm not opposed to trading your pollution credits (it seems like a natural extension of the market...highly inevitable...and vital if the whole thing is to work...but that's a whole other story). What I'm opposed to that this article pokes fun at so well is (a) the self-aggrandizing nature of this, and the marketing initiatives that are sure to follow, that only feed into our culture of selfishness and (b) trading pollution credits while you zip around in your Hummer (the last line of the article sums it up nicely).

Anyway, thanks Mrs. Haworth, wherever you are.


Sacha said...

do you think dee snyder is enrolled in the pollution credits program? hence the bumper sticker on the hummer?

Risa Shoup said...

i rue the day i couldn't take that photo in time. people: sacha and i saw dee snyder in a hummer with a really real looking bumper sticker about being eco friendly and lowering your carbon was either a bad joke or he meant it. we think he meant it. it was the kind of bumper sticker that you only have if you mean it.

Sacha said...

or else maybe he didn't mean it and bought that bumper sticker because he knew it was the kind of sticker you only have if you mean it. maybe the joke's on us. well played, snyder.