Saturday, April 12, 2008

blog-flavored-blog blog post

I had one of those New York days today, the good kind.
Oh, I can already hear you - "how is it a 'New York' day, you can have that day anywhere!? Shut up."

Well, I suppose if I had performed the same actions in another city it would be a great Atlanata/Seattle/London/Dubai day. But it happened here, and actually I think there was an intrinsically New York characteristic to it all...even if that is only because of some myth about what New York is...which is another topic, for another time.

The days started with a spot of sleeping in, followed by lunch with Shoni at Good Enough to Eat.
See there's Shoni to the left after I stole her soul with by BlackBerryCamera. This is not a fair photo of her, but I'm trying to make the blog more visually stimulating.
Good Enough to Eat is delicious. I had the turkey hash and coffee. I really enjoyed it. Any New Yorkers reading this? You prolly been to GETE, but if you haven't, you should check it out.
I got there at 12, and the deal when there aren't any available tables is that you wait outside. There's a little sign on a podium that says "please wait on-line to be served" [sic]. Shoni was late, and I had to give up a table, which pissed me off, but THEN, disregarding any grammarian discourse, here's what the crunchy folks with no fashion sense in back of me said:
GirlHippie: Only in NYC would you see a sign like that.
GuyHippie: Oh I know, because everyone is online all the time on their BlackBerries.
GirlHippie: No, it's because in NYC you always have to be on top of everything.
They then proceeded to step on my heels as they read the menu over my shoulder...honestly folks, if you don't like it here, leave. And don't immediately contradict yourselves after you make lame generalizations about an entire city based on a restaurants rules about how to get seated. To be sure, I'm aware I'm making a generalization about what New York as a great city because I had some nice eggs and walked around with my friend and talked about theater and made sarcastic jokes, but c'est la blog.

Here's a photo I took with MY BlackBerry, loudly proclaiming "It's for my blog!":

Then Shoni and I had the delicious lunch. Shoni runs The Shalimar and works in programming at PS122. The Shalimar is linked on the blog roll as "this theater company Risa really likes." Mark your calendars for their benefit on May 17th! Please come support them, please. They work their asses off to make very entertaining, topical, devised theater. As I told Shoni today, one of my greatest pleasures working at chashama has been getting to know The Shalimar.

After lunch, Shoni and I strolled downtown through the park and over to Rock Center. Lunch followed by walk on sunny day is enough to make it a great NYC day IMHO, but no, Shoni and I are pretty badass, so we went to a tasting at Morrel's for Camitz. Camitz might make you go: why fuck with perfectly good vodka? Trust me, s'worth it. This stuff is DELICIOUS. And a perfect addition to any bougey-licious day in NYC. Morrel's has a pretty nice selection of wines too...if you're taking the cousins from out of town to see the tree next December, go there to get yourself a little something-something.

Then I went to the gym, and took these photos up and down Lex @ the corner of 34th, you can sort of see the flowery trees and the Empire State Building:

The end. Now I do homework.


Julia Flyte said...

Shoni changed her hair since I saw her last! I think - wasn't she blond a month ago?


SWC said...

I DID change my hair, thank you for noticing. Also, according to this visual aid, my nose has pretty much tripled in size. Sweet sweet blackberry camera, taking such flattering brunch shots...