Monday, April 14, 2008

james carville and mary matlin turn me on.

they do.

i'm a big "meet the press" fan. i just really enjoy watching it; i don't always think it's good, i don't always agree with the rhetoric, and i don't always see my viewpoint being represented, but i do always enjoy watching it...and arguing with it and agreeing with it. ESPECIALLY if james carville and mary matlin are on.

this sunday's episode had some particularly smart talking about why and how hillary's campaign was managed as atrociously as it was. give it a whirl:

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Kathlyn said...

So funny you should mention James Carville. The other day I was checking my mail and I got a very hefty letter, and the return address read ‘JAMES CARVILLE’. I was all excited because he wrote me. But then I was slightly freaked out, because last I checked I’ve never actually met him.

Thankfully, it was just junk mail. He wanted my money. On a side note: Don’t get subscription to Mother Jones mag. Unless, of course, you want to be asked for money via post on a daily basis.