Saturday, April 12, 2008

forms forms forms

Does anybody listen to the radio aside from NPR? Often I get the sense that I'm the only one in my world.

Today I'm going to the CHIRP record fair to cover it for journalistic purposes. In my first interview with the somebody on the CHIRP staff, I was pretty open about being a fan of the station, and I noted the technical unprofessionalism of my open opinions. But really, I'm not sure about my ethical boundaries as an aspiring journalist. I'm certainly not sure if I want to be a journalist.

I am sure that I want to connect with my interviews, and I'm not going to try to be their therapist. So I opine.

In case you were wondering, that is a radio.

I hate NPR these days too, have I told you that? Who knew that could happen?

Oh and this month's New Voices is a radio issue, and the interview with Amy Goodman is nice.

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Risa said...

you hate NPR? i had a feeling. that is, you always end up hating what you love in the end.

i think the definition of what it is to be journalist, and the moral and ethical obligations therein, are rapidly changing...and probably won't settle down for another decade, if ever. so go ahead and opine all you want.