Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Google decided that eliminating gender, race, and waking life was not enough. It has now moved beyond time.

Risa - Google believes in less things than us. We have to stop believing in something big right now to maintain our ontological advantage.


What a dumbass. I'm embarrassed but you said I can't delete. But now I'm more interested in this even better idea from Google!


Risa said...

it's an april fool's joke.

the google time.

google is a believer; google is a frat boy.

Risa said...

back in the early 80's, my dad was always telling me that someday every domestic task would be controlled by a supercomputer for the home...and that we would someday colonize space...and that before that we would have recreational trips to space.

remembering this makes me wonder about conspiracy theorists who deny we ever made a lunar landing.