Thursday, April 10, 2008

Tekserve is super

My hard drive crashed on Tuesday morning.
It's just about 2 AM Thursday.
I too my machine to Tekserve on Wednesday AM and it was fixed by that afternoon.

I called Apple on Tuesday AM and they treated me like I was subhuman. Mac tech support employees probably operate in inhumane conditions, this is true.

Anyway, I wrote Tekserve a thank you later when I got to work after taking my machine in on Wednesday, and received a letter back thanking me for thanking them.
And then my machine was fixed FOUR HOURS LATER.
And then I got a FULL REFUND for the machine I rented while mine was being fixed.

The Tekserve employees, especially Sandor from Wednesday morning, are totally friendly, honest, attentive and knowledgeable. They will make you feel better; they will make your Mac feel better. It's pretty effing great.

First moral of the story: always to go Tekserve
Second moral of the story: write your fucking thank you notes.

FYI - I was told my hard drive crashed due to substandard factory conditions where my hard drive was made.


Risa said...

ugh. i wrote that when i was high, and it shows.

Ryan said...

Outsourcing is a bitch. But don't worry - once the RMB passes the dollar, we'll have to manufacture all our own junk once again.

Ryan said...

Actually, that should be the Yuan and not the RMB.