Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Hey, we haven't talked about the Pope at all. All sorts of amazing things about this Pope. I'm a bit frustrated by his enthusiasm for the President, because I do have such strongly favorable feelings about this Pope. Ratzinger, after all, is empathetic and absolutely void of irony. He knows better.

Can we talk more about things that lack irony?

Dear Risa and readers, what else is not ironic?
The Pope Mobile IS ironic, of course.
Every edible thing is ironic.

More to come...


Risa said...

I think things only lack irony if you decide that they are sacred. Nothing, however, is actually sacred insofar as I do not believe in a god...or at least I do not believe in a god that would confer sacrament upon a thing, person, event, action, etc.

To decide that a thing lacks irony is therefore subjective. It does not make it any less true for you if, say, you decide that there is no irony in the act of childbirth or American Idol. I however, might find irony in those things and convince others that it is there at all. I might also agree with you and help you convince other that they lack irony.

To debate the irony of a thing is to frame it in a binary way...which I think causes the thing to lose a certain amount of its intention and its integrity.

Always maybe.

czf said...

Pope Benedict meets with victims of sexual abuse by priests.
Cardinal Ratzinger actively tries to shroud the scandal in secrecy and actively protects guilty priests.

(binary is not destructive)